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"How do I know the ways of all things at the Beginning? By what is within me." Tao Te Ching
American Theosophist, The - Dora Kunz, Executive Editor

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Randy B.

Springfield, Missouri,
United States 65721

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I was made aware of The Interspirit Foundation by Laura McNamara, a personal friend of my wife Maggie.

We live in Springfield, Missouri. Maggie is originally from San Diego.

I am an International Consultant with Fundit, a division of BenefitBar. I specialize in helping Charitable organizations fund special need projects as well as their year to year operations. We do this at no cost to the organization or their support base, through a partnership with Yahoo.

I wish blessing on anyone reading this.

Peace & Blessings,

Randy Brookman 417.840.8005


From a Previouse Inquiry,

Thanks for your interest with the Find-It Program. I look forward to helping the The Interspirit Foundation generate needed dollars to help with fundraising efforts. Please watch the video links below in order to thoroughly understand the program. I look forward to Earning this relationship!

Please watch the following 90 sec. videos in order to understand the Fund-It program Watch a Quick Overview / Watch How the Clicks Work / Watch How to Sign Up /

Steps to sign up with the Fund-It: 1. Go to 2. Call Jeremy Brookman #417.569.2083

Jeremy Brookman National Consultant #2012 FUND-IT a division of BenefitBar 417.569.2083

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