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"The most trivial tasks we have to carry out and the most trivial experiences that come our way are woven together with world events. Once this interconnection becomes clear to us…we will enter our daily round of activities with new and increased strength, because now we know that all our work and all our suffering are work and suffering for the sake of a great, spiritual, cosmic interrelationship."
How To Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation - Rudolf Steiner

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Kimberly H.

Safford, Arizona,
United States 85546

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I am a mother. I teach inmates. I enjoy singing and cooking. I find beauty in each day and most moments. I have conflicts that repeat themselves with which I'd like to be done. A wonderful friend led me to A Course in Miracles. Five days from now will be the three year mark since my radiant son Jacob Thoreau died and I miss him but know he is more fully with the Source.

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