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Tom C.

Marquette, Michigan,
United States 49855-9446

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I am a former Professor of Visual Art: Drawing, Painting, Perception and Design Theory courses, Geometrical Perspective, Color Theory, (Co-taught The Physics of Color and Light), Mural Painting, Art History, etc.

My interests are quite broad, and eclectic, and am particularly interested in the interaction of physics and art.

For several years I have been interested in concepts of quantum mechanics, especially in the "many worlds interpretation," and David Bohm's ideas. I received a grant from Northern Michigan University to research these concepts through study and production of visual works which culminated in a book: Parallel Worlds, Paintings and Drawings as Metaphors for Ideas in Art and Science which is available on Amazon.

I live in a great location, Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I look forward to being a part of this network.


Thomas (Tom) Cappuccio Professor Emeritus of Visual Art Northern Michigan University Marquette, Michigan 49855

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