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"Our true mind is not restricted to our intellectual or cognitive power, but is a fundamental goodness or 'good heart' that is at the core of every being." Christine Longaker, founding director of the Buddhist Rigpa Fellowship, 'What Counts at the Moment of Death'
Experiencing the Soul - Eliot Jay Rosen, editor

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From: Bruce S.
Date: Thursday, November 27, 2008, 7:42 PM
Subject: Hello....
ID: 265979


Just -- checking in.

I was bumping around in the Deep Mysteries of Interspirit today -- and discovered, to my amazement -- that you had taken the first steps to create a group/network in this system.  That this "apply-to-create-a-group" feature was even installed in this gnostic/gnarly-rooted tree was news to me -- nobody has done that in a long time.  So -- that was neat.

I've been fixing up stuff on this system -- and so, I got this little group going too.  There's only you and me in here right now -- but it feels right to go ahead with this.

Maybe when we get a minute, we can talk about a few possibilities...

Something I was playing with today -- is this idea of a "Portal Into Unity".

That's already more or less what you are doing, I'd say -- but this is just a slightly different approach that has been soaking in the back of my brain for a long time.  What I got on it so far is:

What I am thinking -- is a kind of space where people continue to define themselves in very fast easy-click ways -- and as they do so, they build connections with others in the network.  Get some of these agreements and principles to be "everything it takes to build spiritual unity" -- and you already know most of that stuff, if not all of it -- and everybody who clicks all that stuff -- would be in a pretty solid circle...

Anyway.  Happy evening, happy morning.

- Bruce in Santa Barbara.

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