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"Most spiritual traditions use cultural language to describe an energetic universe. That is a universe that is first and foremost an energetic template from which material conditions and forms arise. This energetic sea connects us all."
Stone Age Wisdom, The Healing Principles of Shamanism - Tom Crockett

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From: Bruce S.
Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008, 6:55 PM
Subject: Hello....
Reply to: 266127
ID: 266129

well, as a way to press on into further adventures, i did get this "portal" thing kind of inserted into the system today.  the two features that are starting to work are

  1. personal practices
  2. group practices

there are a few different names that framework can be called -- "Portal to Unity" -- or maybe "Congress of Light" -- or "Collaborative Matrix" -- etc.  If you go over there, you will discover some things you can do -- there is now a link in the menu for this network, as you might notice

i don't really have this stuff turned on for most groups, i am just starting to experiment with it a bit

if you can fgure out how to add group or personal practices, you might play with that -- you probably have a lot of thoughts on things like that.

my idea -- is just to get everything everybody is doing, or more-or-less believes -- into one big check-box engine, so that people can find each other in an instant, and groups can be formed around common factors very fast.  keep it simple, keep it fast, keep it "easy-click" -- and include everything, and get people who care about things to get their stuff into the framework....

i might send something to the resonance network about this tomorrow...

- b

--- On Wed, Dec 10, 2008, in msg266127, UNIVISIONS Spirit Connexions wrote ---

not a problem, i wasnt rushing you, i just couldnt find it and rather than fret about whether i sent it or not i decided to ask you if you got it...thanks for getting back with me, i can tell youve been busy and i look forward to seeing what you create next...sooner or later those 10,000 pieces will come together...dont worry about me, ill be in and out and in the background cheering us all on, just know im here if you need me...and dont forget to take time to take care of yourself.. ive a couple ideas ill throw at ya in a day or im off to search for that message  x0xKaren



--- On Wed, Dec 10, 2008, in msg266122, Bruce Schuman wrote ---


Good morning -- and thanks so much for your patience -- and trust in things...

Yes, I did get an email from you -- just sent "privately" -- like -- what, a week ago?  I have just been "in the thick" of whatever seems to be emerging, and I keep banging away.

So, I have not really come up for air.  But I certainly do want to thank you for the energy and breath you bring to this work.  I did start an email message for you, that is sitting in my Eudora program -- I should finish that up and get it to you before the snow comes... 

I actually got into three different programming things -- all of which are coming together, and all of which seem to be kind of a -- well, "lot of work" is one way to put it.

I do want to show you some things...

Right this moment, I am working on a "survey" feature -- like a poll or questionnaire.  That's pretty neat, but seems simpler than these other things.  The "Blog" is mostly done, but still needs some tweaks and details.  And there is this new thing -- that has a bunch of names -- one of which is "Portal to Unity" -- which seems like a really amazing application -- but it is so new and so advanced -- it's going to take somebody like YOU to appreciate it, I think  (laugh)

Maybe I will get a graphic of that layout sent to the Resonance network today.

But the most important thing to say is -- I really appreciate your energy and vision and "high vibes".  Let me get back to you shortly with more info and details....


--- On Wed, Dec 10, 2008, in msg266120, UNIVISIONS Spirit Connexions wrote ---

Hi Bruce, i know i sent a response to the email you sent me but for the life of me i cant find it so im wondering if you got it?


--- On Thu, Nov 27, 2008, in msg265979, Bruce Schuman wrote ---


Just -- checking in.

I was bumping around in the Deep Mysteries of Interspirit today -- and discovered, to my amazement -- that you had taken the first steps to create a group/network in this system.  That this "apply-to-create-a-group" feature was even installed in this gnostic/gnarly-rooted tree was news to me -- nobody has done that in a long time.  So -- that was neat.

I've been fixing up stuff on this system -- and so, I got this little group going too.  There's only you and me in here right now -- but it feels right to go ahead with this.

Maybe when we get a minute, we can talk about a few possibilities...

Something I was playing with today -- is this idea of a "Portal Into Unity".

That's already more or less what you are doing, I'd say -- but this is just a slightly different approach that has been soaking in the back of my brain for a long time.  What I got on it so far is:

What I am thinking -- is a kind of space where people continue to define themselves in very fast easy-click ways -- and as they do so, they build connections with others in the network.  Get some of these agreements and principles to be "everything it takes to build spiritual unity" -- and you already know most of that stuff, if not all of it -- and everybody who clicks all that stuff -- would be in a pretty solid circle...

Anyway.  Happy evening, happy morning.

- Bruce in Santa Barbara.



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