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"The achievement of full awareness is of course the goal of the evolutionary process."
Esoteric Psychology I - Alice A. Bailey

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From: Bruce S.
Date: Saturday, February 28, 2009, 7:34 AM
Subject: Good morning - database/congress...
Reply to: 266247
ID: 267317

 Dear Karen --

Good Saturday morning from Santa Barbara, where the golden light of sunrise is just now fading from the trees...

I know it's been a while, and a bit of a long and winding road -- but there seems to be some new energy emerging here, that might be interesting.

The idea that seems to be arising right now -- is this concept of a "survey" or an online questionnaire.

This is a new tool that I have been developing for a while, and which I am now beginning to push.  There's something kind of magical about it, it feels --

It's going to take a while to explain it all -- but I will get some kind of general statement that reviews it all.

But more or less -- the idea is -- to start probing this big "oneness movement" -- in terms of its common factors.

What IS it that people are thinking or feeling?

IS there something like a "global oneness movement"?

Does this particular person feel like they are part of that movement?  Why?  How?  What do they think it means?  What do they want to do?  What should happen?

etc. etc.

We can pull all the responses into a common framework, and unfold the implications and build a powerful network based on what we are seeing and learning.

This morning -- and for a while -- I expect to be putting these things together.  We have lots of overlapping groups -- I am working with "women's groups" right now -- if you feel like sticking in your opinion and input into that framework -- you could go join this little system, and fool around with the survey process there:

I think what is going to happen is

we will devise a series of overlapping and related surveys -- maybe create many surveys -- hundreds of them perhaps -- around a series of central themes -- that might include

  • global oneness
  • emerging new holistic consciousness
  • women's movement
  • interfaith
  • circles, groups, democracy, process

We do have ideas on how all these things work together -- and it feels like this survey process gives us a way to reach out in many directions, and weave all these factors into a common framework.

So -- just wanted to say good morning, and thank you for hanging in there, and for the good work and vision that you are bringing into the world.  It feels to me -- that this "situation" we are in right now -- economic, etc -- is very much motivating this kind of work.  I think we can do something important and beautiful, and I am glad to have you around. 

With appreciation,

- Bruce


--- On Thu, Dec 18, 2008, in msg266247, UNIVISIONS Spirit Connexions wrote ---

Hi Bruce, i love your ideas and know you have the capabilities to do this and i agree on all your points...for the longest i was content just gathering, collecting and joining the various unity groups and felt the power of so many with such similar visions and goals. I had no desire to create a group per say myself for i felt like there are plenty already so i made it my mission to help bring awareness down more avenues and connect folks with the groups already operating...then i ran across a network on ning where you had to have your own ning before you could join it so i created the ning site for that and one thing led to another and i decided to use it as a place to start organizing some of the data and to invite others to join me in sharing...i really had no idea where it was going...just felt compelled and still do to find and join as many unity, oneness and spiritual sites as possible making connexions and storing data, etc --the thing with myspace is they now have their links all encoded where you cant just transfer them, so i kinda quit updating things on that page, (another reason i started using my ning site) i did go and add the, to the myspace page... i think i originally found them through globalmindshift...

anyhoo i sense it is like you say and rather than have all these groups trying to join others groups, a convening center would be great(although some have this to an extent already) so it would need to be simplified and layed out in a way where all the various groups maintained their autonomy and independent leadership and could find and connect with others through simple searches or databases and maybe some type of community bulletin board where all the groups could posts projects and updates...and as you said a way where everyone isnt flooded with email.... i have  a seperate email that ive only used for a few networks for that reason, my regular box is flooded and i miss lots of stuff....

will they come? time will tell but i sense if they are genuine in their unifying efforts they will be delighted as am i that you are willing to take on this task... and i do know there are many groups already who are willing to connect and join any way possible to help spread hope and love... ive no doubt these things want to happen and WILL...we just have to continue to go with the flow and allow things to be birthed when the time is right...  keep me posted and let me know how i can help... take care! x0xKaren

--- On Tue, Dec 16, 2008, in msg266223, Bruce Schuman wrote ---

Dear Karen --

Good morning...  Just got back from LA, after taking Jeanie down to the airport.  There's snow in the mountains along the coast, after the storms of last night...

All of these things -- are continuing to evolve, of course -- and I was just bumping around a few UniVisions things, on the Ning site you created...

And then I linked to this.. which I guess is on myspace...

So much good stuff out there.

All these "Unity Groups" you are listing...

You have such good instincts for doing this....

I am just wondering -- maybe we have already talked about this -- but I am wondering whether this a way -- to somehow "call all these groups into a common framework".

Now, I do realize -- that this is something lots of people want to do.  I guess the idea is something like "join my group!"

We've been looking at these kinds of issues for a long time.   We do need some kind of a convening center for all these network processes, I think -- but it's not so simple to make it (help it) happen.  Everybody does not want to flock to somebody else's center point...

At least, that is what we think we have learned, after exploring these issues for years...

At the moment, as I guess is obvious -- I am excited about this "Portal" concept.  There's a lot we can put in there -- tons of stuff -- and I think we can also make it simple -- meeting people on their own grounds...

It's going to take a little while -- before this thing is solid enough to be simple.  Right now, it's very creative, everything flowing in, looking for a place to fit in -- I think that will just take a while before it is all clear.  We are considering some ways that this entire framework might also be a kind of "teaching" framework -- bring in various kinds of expertise on various aspects -- and then people could take some kind of simple "on-line class" on something ... maybe for some small fee...

I am thinking particularly about the "Co-Creator's Handbook" -- since I know the author Carolyn Anderson -- I am going to ask Carolyn about this, since she suggested something like this to me six months or so ago, and is now coming out with a new version of the Co-Creator's Handbook.  You probably know her site -- -- you have it listed in your database (I think I saw that, though it's not in this above list)...

I have the idea -- that one way to approach this "convening of unity" -- is through this "congress" idea.

We can't really hope to get everybody in every organization -- to all join one big project, at least not directly.  But -- what do you think?  Would it maybe be possible to do a kind of outreach to all these orgs you have listed -- and everything else you can find -- and invite some kind of contact or input or participation?

I have built several "congress-type" web systems -- the idea is, each organization has a "representative", who can "speak for the organization" -- at least in some ways. 

So, we build some kind of network that lists their organization, lists somebody at the organization as the contact or liaison or "representative" -- and that person gets a brief email from us once in while -- maybe taking the form of a quick questionnaire, asking them how they feel about some issue, or what they want to do, or see happening.

People don't all want to join one huge mailing list.  But they might be interested in joining a "congress" type network, where they can interact with hundreds of other organizations very quickly.

All of this kind of thing -- can be organized and coordinated through a database.    I do have a couple of systems out there today that were built this way -- BioNet for ecology -- and Interfaith Voices for Peace and Justice -- -- and the World Interfaith Congress --

Those projects have been dormant for a while, since I just can't handle that stuff without support and help.  But we do know how to do these things, and the Interspirit system is all set to support this kind of project.

So -- I just wanted to float this idea out your way, and see what you think.

Congress of Light -- a way for many orgs to talk to each other, without getting all tangled up in tons of email.

Just keep exploring -- what do they have in common, how do they feel about issue x, what do they want to do, what is their intention, etc...


Ok, just a thought, continuing to coalesce.  I think these things want to happen, but we just have to flow into them to explore in exactly what way...    Thanks for all your vision and efforts, Karen...

- Bruce



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