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"All of existence and consciousness is interwoven."
Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul - Jane Roberts

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1000 WEAVERS . . .
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From: Bruce S.
Date: Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 10:35 AM
Subject: 1000 Weavers . . .
ID: 270042

(Posted to Global Resonance this morning)

Dear Everybody --

Good morning from Santa Barbara. Thanks as always for being here.

It seems that the rising current of our evolving co-creativity is leading us to some new possibilities, some new ideas, some new ways forward....

I can feel these energies moving through me, in some very strong ways. Things aren't quite together yet, there's a lot of work to do to pull it all together -- but it's coming.

And I thought I would share some of these thoughts...


In essence, there are really two ideas here.

One -- is that "the power of circle" is the correct and most workable energy for pulling together the forces of good anywhere in the world -- and this can be discussed and explained in as much detail as appropriate. In simple terms, this is true because "circle" is an integral building block that supports infinite growth in a very clear and stable way, and because "circle" as we understand it is a group/collective process that unfolds everything known about universal spirit.

And Two -- and this really is a new idea, I think, though it may seem obvious or trivial -- what we really want to do is to come together into a common framework and work together, as a "team" -- in a conscious and explicit and intentional way.

Most internet projects today, working in this area -- emerging new consciousness, global awareness, etc. -- are about a kind of free-association interconnection of emerging energies. These connections are important, and they drive a lot of creative thinking. So, this is in no way a criticism of the emerging energies.

But what seems to be rising right now -- is the idea that we should be able to pull together a kind of conscious and purposeful and intentional teamwork, where the core vision that drives this concept begins to rise with power and clarity and inspiring energy -- and people begin to see the power of this core vision -- and they begin to come, to enter in, to connect -- and, to unfold this metaphor -- they begin to "weave together", in this single integral/holistic context -- weaving -- "on a single loom..."

We can talk about what we mean by "weaving" -- and we can talk about what it means that this process involves "many weavers on a single loom" -- how that would work, why it is critically powerful -- etc.

Here's a beginning graphic for this approach...

As this idea is emerging right now, a central force behind the energy is the new "women's circle movement" -- an international force of high grace and potency, which may provide real leadership for this work.

Here's an example -- the "Women's Spirit Council" -- that emerged in conjunction with the 2009 Parliament of World Religions


As this concept has been emerging for me, it is starting with "the women's movement" -- and as I post this message here on Global Resonance, the process begins to broaden. Exactly how all of this will take shape remains to be seen -- but the energy feels very strong and very sustainable. My instinct is -- this is going to happen.

Here's a graphic from one place the energy is growing....

This really is the underlying theme -- "Circle-builders of the world, unite!"

We're going to create ways to make this possible.

It's going to be simple, easy to understand, and powerful. That's the way it feels to me.


So, ok, that's the idea for now. More to come, much appreciation, as always,

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