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From: Bruce S.
Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010, 8:59 AM
Subject: Teamwork
Reply to: 270072
ID: 270080

Last night, I sent this message to the Global Resonance Network -- and got back this response, from one of our long-standing members, who wrote this song...

--- On Thu, May 13, 2010, in msg270077, Starr* Saffa wrote ---

Its Time - Tahirih’s Dream
Bruce Can you put this to music and create a video for:

Time for the Train Ride of Life

Hey Hey Hey
Its time for you to get on board
On the train of power and accord
Everybody can sing their own song
Yet harmonize and get along
In the Circles of Oneness
Where we belong
O come on hey hey
O come on hey hey
Get on board
The Energy Power Train
Of harmony and accord
Get on Board!
Its comin for you its comin for me its comin for everybody

Folks dream of a new Day
Everyone wants to find a better way
So get on board
the Train of Power and Accord
Have your say and sing your song
Learn how to get along
On the Train of Accord
Yeah! Get on board!

This ain’t no crazy dream
There’s no pay in bein’ mean
Work it out as a Circle Team
So get on board
The Train of Accord
Do your dance, Sing your song
Get along
Its comin for you
Its comin for me
Its comin for everybody
Get on board
the Train of Power and Accord.
The love-light lives in us all
Hear the call!
Hear the call
Hear the call......

With the Energy of Love - Starr*

--- On Wed, May 12, 2010, in msg270075, Bruce Schuman wrote ---



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