Dear Women of Vision and Passion, Laura, Renate, et al., LightPages and its partner Gather the Women would like to offer blessings and smiles upon your upcoming gathering. We feel something powerful and tranformative coming out of your section of North America, and are honored and delighted to be in association with all of you who are gathering in the interests of visionary leadership. Now is certainly the time... Every gathering refines our skills to relate and work together in a more authentic way. We Internetters, holding for new online systems of connectivity, know that Internet connections are only as good as the in-person relationships that unite us, woman to woman. Thank you so much for showing up at this time to experience the connection, and foster the leadership within and between us that is so desperately needed in our world today. *********************
If you would like to try out the LightPages before your conference (as if you really had time), I enclose below the links and passwords necessary to do so. Each person's password is unique to them, so if you are concerned about privacy, be sure NOT to forward this email to your friends. If you click POST YOUR LIGHTPAGE, you may reset your password to something more familiar. [Please note that Bruce and I are listed as members of your team. We are there only to make sure that all is working well, and we will, of course, honor your privacy.] You may, of course, invite your present conference attendees to use the system if that seems appropriate (and we could change the banner to reflect this if you like). Let me know and I can send you a brief statement about LightPages to hand out. I can also see that you might just begin to use the system to communicate among the leadership, posting messages on the Bulletin Board, and building the field for your April meeting. Whatever seems appropriate, is fine from here. Again, I am so grateful for the "passion and vision", and looking forward to continued collaboration,
Jeanie DeRousseau