“Why is everyone here so happy except me?" "Because they have learned to see goodness and beauty everywhere," said the Master. "Why don't I see goodness and beauty everywhere?" "Because you cannot see outside of you what you fail to see inside.” By Anthony De Mello


Though you may travel the world to find the beautiful, you must have it within you or you will find it not. By Ralph Waldo Emerson


Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it! By Ram Dass

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for May is:

Joyously Realizing the Full Human Potential


Our greatest natural will is to find peace, love, joy and freedom. We look outside for them, while all these beautiful gifts of life lie within us all at all times. It is the individual’s responsibility to tap this from within. If there is an earnest desire and awareness on the part of any individual to effect this effort, then Nature (the natural way) will somehow show us the way. God has blessed everyone with full freedom to pursue what they aspire. This should naturally prompt us to go back to the grass roots of these great human gifts that connects us and brings us all together as one human family.

(Here is the question) Where is this desire coming from, ‘this zone’ being free from any conditions?

This question further reinforces us to know and feel deeply the realization of our own intrinsic nature by eliminating what we are NOT and reinforcing what we truly are The Self.

The Self is the independent Consciousness/Formless Energy/Atman in the vehicle of body, mind and intellect of each individual being. The Self sustains (i.e. life), observes, directs and experiences what flows through the vehicle; by establishing oneself in it, by abiding by it, and rejoicing in it. Hence Be The Self.

Process of Realizing the Full Human Potential of The Self

Following these steps below can do it:

i). Through proper process of Self-Inquiry, we need to establish very clearly the Observer, "No, No and No to the body, mind and intellect. I am not the form, it belongs to me as my vehicle to live in this life and to enjoy it fully.” Then what are we? AWARENESS. Thereby in that mode of awareness as such, confirming, "Yes, Yes and Yes to the essential characteristics of the Self (i.e. Existence, Awareness and Bliss). Bliss is a natural state that primarily keeps us in peace, love, joy and freedom, just as Awareness is being in the center to the totality of our being and in the origins of our true nature. If this is so, than we can resort to this natural state while living in this world which is full of melodrama; realizing deeply that all of us intrinsically are none of the vehicle and its parts (i.e. body, senses, mind and intellect).

ii). Through constant remembrance of The Self, right in the middle of this world, knowing we are Not this world and we are Not attached to the ups and downs of this life. Just maintain a balanced state while right in the middle of the unbalance.

iii). A daily practice of meditation to enter into the silence and the stillness within and re-establishing the connection with The Self amidst the daily hum-drums of life which can be very demanding and frustrating at times.

iv). Daily meditative affirmations in silence such as "I am rejoicing in the Beauty of The Self that I am" or "I am abiding by The Self in doing my daily tasks of life." I am connecting with the Infinite Source by knowing-feeling that I am a part and parcel of the Supreme Self that pervades everywhere at all the times, here, there and everywhere in all directions.

v). From ones peace zone within, wishing well (through acceptance and unconditional love) to all the beings and all the things of the universe.


1. Sit quietly, with your back straight and eyes lightly closed. Start to breathe deeply in and out and tap into your life force energy (Prana) flowing through your breath and feel that the same energy lies in the cosmos as well. Be there for a few minutes.

2. Feel your inner calmness and peacefulness as you go beyond the level of body, mind, emotions, thoughts and intellect. Feel all I am is this energy, which is flowing though me. Feel each of your cells resonating with this energy.

3. Breathe into the base of your spine and imagine that from your tail bone a thread of divine energy is awakening and rising all the way towards the center of your forehead. Keep doing this for a few minutes.

4. Now say the sound vibrations of OM for a few minutes from the base of your spine to the middle of your forehead. Now stay at the center of your forehead and simply witness your deep connection with The SELF within, your true essence. Feel inner Bliss, Awareness and Freedom.

5. Affirm, in reality I AM the Spirit/Self, which is beyond the level of body, mind, emotions, thoughts and intellect. Affirm … I am not this body I am the Spirit/Self. Feel the true joy, peace and freedom, which lies within.

6. Joyously realize your full potential where you can create anything you wish in your life, a connection with the creative energy/God. Imagine working in your life ONLY from this connection.

7. Take your attention toward the top of your skull and feel that I am one with everyone and everything in the whole universe. Be there for as long as you want. When you are ready to come out of the meditation, start to observe your breath and gently open your eyes.

* * *

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One