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"The resurrected Risen Christ is our final goal, our hope that we can make it through to wholeness, and our companion on that way. And the evidence that we have touched this goal is found in the quality of loving concern for those around us in every station of life." Morton Kelsey, Foreword
Spiritual Pilgrims, Carl Jung & Teresa of Avila - John Welch, O. Carm.

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We are One humanity, each coming forward as best we can, to serve in these times, whether it is ourselves, our families, communities, the world, or Spirit that we serve. We invite you to give words to your service and bring it forward to inspire us and complete the picture.


Out of a clear awareness of the magnificence of women, the power of circles, and the longing for connection that all women feel, Circle Connections, Inc. was called into being. Our mission is developing and fostering new models of organization and leadership based on circle principles. We serve to empower women through Circles and Connections, locally and globally. Women have an important voice to be heard and the connecting of circles is a path to peace and justice.

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Representative: Laurie McCammon
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Peace X Peace is an international nonprofit that connects women across cultures through the internet to create a more balanced, peaceful world where our lives and voices are honored.

Mercy Ogbonna Chidi, co-director of Ripples International in Meru, is the Peace X Peace Global Liaison for Kenya. With Mercy’s leadership, Peace X Peace has matched scores of women’s Circles in the US with Circles in Kenya for conversations that make strangers into friends, and make friends as dear as family. Visit to find your friends in Kenya and enjoy our rich array of online resources.

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The Circle Vision

The Circle affirms the experiences and hopes of women, and the creative process we choose to explore and mirror the sacred in our lives.

The Circle is a space that can be entered actively and imaginatively with limitless possibilities for involvement, where the seed of the sacred is released, shared and celebrated as power for transformation and change.

The Circle Mission

The Circle Women’s Centre is a unique program and resource centre serving women in the London community and beyond, as well as the students of Brescia University College, the University of Western Ontario and the affiliate colleges. The Circle focuses on feminist spirituality, its theory and practice by women in contemporary society. We welcome women from diverse experience and backgrounds, and as such maintain a broad based view of spirituality, honouring the riches of all religious traditions and expressions.

Inspired by the feminist perspective “the personal is political,” The Circle also aspires to enlighten and enliven women on a wide range of issues such as activism, social justice, environmentalism, women’s rights, human rights, feminism and feminist spirituality. The Circle is part of the vibrant women's network on campus and in the London area. It links with and supports other women's groups in the community who work to dismantle unjust structures and to embody life-giving relationship with all that is created.

Values and Beliefs

We honour women’s ways of knowing. We celebrate each person’s Truth. We do ritual as a power for personal and structural transformation.

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Vision statement

A liberated womanhood and girl able to articulate and defend their rights as well as being able to take practical steps to improve their quality of life.

Mission Statement

To mobilize and empower women and girls to be in the vanguard to remove health, illiteracy, economical, social, cultural and political barriers in order to enhance their status and improve their lives.

Goal of WaGCI

Women and girls free from gender inequalities and able to demonstrate positive changes in their lives resulting from improved economic well being, health services sensitive to special women needs, better family planning, enhanced education opportunities and improved awareness of their rights and self confidence.


To create awareness among women and girls about the merits of family planning and reproductive health issues. To sensitize women and girls about their rights regarding inheritance, education, medicare. To promote better health through programmes in nutrition, sanitation, epidemic prevention for example malaria. HIV/AIDS etc. To reduce incidences of child pregnancies and early marriages. To reduce/ eliminate the growing threat of domestic violence. To mobilize women to address the ills of environmental degradation and the importance of a sound food security programme. To organize women and girls to combat poverty through setting up Income Generating Projects at household level and micro finance schemes that promote individual saving. To lobby government and churches as well as networking with other organizations with similar objectives in order to influence policy in favor of our rural women and girls. Core Value

Dignity of women and girls.

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