Julie Heyman 805-272-8067
It is for the love of the children that Alma exists. We are a part of the New Education, an international movement dramatically changing how we educate the world’s children. Essentially we believe children are magnificent, trustworthy, and constantly learning. What they need is our help and our love to become adults. Alma Education International provides online courses, resources and events for educators, family members and advocates of soul-inspired education, that is, education that honors the unique essence of each child.
Judith Onley 604-357-7244
Gifted Intuitive and Channel, Judith Onley, in partnership with “US” (United Souls of Heaven and Earth), dances with Spirit… sharing expansive and life enhancing information empowering you to embrace the incoming energies of our emergent New World. "Since the Standing Women initiative began, I have read the Standing Women Declaration in my workshops. It offers a unity of purpose that is vital for humanity in these times."
Dawn Gandalf
I have been issuing a "call to sit" for the earth's children every new moon, and now every full moon as well. I alert about 40 women and 1 man, and they in turn send the invitation out and join me. I also am the International Chairperson of WACENA [Women and Children Empowerment Network in Africa], and the Director of Busoga Jr. Primary School and the Women's Tailoring program that teaches women to become seamstress's for financial independence. Both are located in the village of Kiwungo, Kamali District, Uganda. My life is dedicated to the empowerment of women and children everywhere, concurrent with elevating and installing the Feminine at this time of the shifting of Humanity.
Christine Costanzo 978-372-0951
PEACE TO ALL PEOPLE ON EARTH offers simple ways to cultivate peace within oneself and in the world. Consider starting or resuming the practice of pausing for one minute of peace at 1:11 pm each day. Peace to you. Peace to all.
Deborah Koppel Mitchell 505-603-6441
Spheres Circles is a part of the Circle Movement since 1998, serving as a way to CONNECT individuals, resources & organizations involved in the Circle Movement & Conscious Living. Spheres Circles & The Spheres Circular E-Zine (Now transitioned into The Meme Messenger E-zine) are a part of the Conscious Meme Network- Shining A Light On What Elevates Our Lives & Spreading Ideas That Matter! AND bringing about "Meme Awareness"--Attention to the things that run us unconsciously--and highlighting & encouraging the creation of Memes that are for the Higher Good of ALL Concerned! Visit our website & follow us on FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram.
Bonnie Kelley (805) 452-5493
The GODMother Project invites us into an every-conversation practice: speaking from, listening for, reflecting and confirming the Aliveness inherent within us all. As we recognize, receive, and mirror one another in this way, we synchronize with that inner Truth of Being, and contribute to a standing wave of true Presence on the planet, for the greater good of the whole human family.
We launched on International Women’s Day March 8, 2016 with 650 Sister Circles in over 65 countries gathering at the new moon to cultivate sacred sisterhood, shifting competition, comparison, and jealousy into respect, unity, and upliftment. For March 8th, 2017 there were 1000 Sister Circles in over 70 countries! Join us as we rise together every new moon, 7 pm local time. Gather in local Sister Circles worldwide to unite for a global synchronized meditation, prayer, and action to transform, uplift, and inspire the world! Register online so others can join you, or find a circle near you.
Jude Morford
The movement of womenstanding is an internal process. It is found through our intentional focus that we each seek to "shift" from the current tide of endless war, which leaves far too many shattered from personal loss. We have discovered that in moments of solitude and reflection that clarity, presents itself... In the experience of the stand, one embraces a unique manner of presentation and aligns internally, to honor the lives killed and to focus on one of humanity's greatest needs, that of peace... We are to date a small group of individuals, standing each Sunday afternoon, alone on corners, overpasses, in front of Federal Bldgs, entrances to military bases, dedicating ourselves to presenting what we need most on this earth, peace...