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Ani A. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I am a small dot . . . where everything comes together. I am a point . . . in a galactic dance with other dots and points moving toward a destination of our own making. I am a dot on the map of a new world forming as we speak, by our thoughts and intentions and by our openness to and cooperation with each other. The mystery, innocence and power of our synergy becomes a great coordinating process washing us onto a new shore of our collective hearts desires.

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Dorothy B. Click here to view LightPage
Rapid City, South Dakota, United States
I am a woman, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, community and political activist, traveler, reader, and a caller of women's circles. I retired from the classroom but am still employed by my school system coordinating AP testing and encouraging AP students. I officiate weddings, celebrate brides, welcome new babies, honor retirees, do house blessings and expectant mother blessings, and create many circles for women, young and old. I am a very excited first time grandmother to my darling little Mabel. In sum, I am a retired classroom teacher, local GTW coordinator, passionate progressive, education advocate, and community activist. Professionally, I am called 'Mrs Brewick' or 'Dorothy.' Family and friends call me 'Rowdy' and yes, there is a story. I am happy, busy, and very excited to be going to the UNCSW and look forward to the blessings that I will receive from sitting in circle with so many women.

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Lavonne R. Click here to view LightPage
Long Beach, California, United States
I love to laugh, I will cry with you, I will show you unconditional love and support. I started studying Holistic Health for my own self care, after the loss of many loved ones including my spouse and mother. I have been walking down this path of self discovery and acceptance for the last 14 years. I am a Seeker, Listener and a Witness. During my journey I recognized a need among women to share, be supported, and be unconditionally accepted for who they are. Each Spring and Fall I plan and faciliate a retreat to areas like Sedona, AZ, Idyllwild and Mt.Shasta California wherever I am called. Each retreat is different depending on the women that are drawn to attend. It is my blessing to help women evolve to their greatest potential. Mostly we co-create a sacred space where each women can be there authentic selves and if they don't know what that is (as many of us don't) we explore our wildest inspiriation and what we aspire to be when we grow up. I always add in some self-care massages, Reiki or just a bubble bath what ever the womens mind, body and souls are open too. We share in ceremonies such as Drum Circles and Water Blessings. What draws me here is Women, I am in awe of them and all they can do and I love to hear each of her stories. I gather strength, wisdom and clarity. I am proud to walk forward hand in hand,shoulder to shoulder with my head held high down the yellowbrick road to OZ where all of our dreams come true!

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Carol B. Click here to view LightPage
Manhattan, Kansas, United States
I'm a librarian, Quaker, peace activist, co-op member, gardener, animal lover, bird-watcher, woman of the great plains.

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Janet Smith W. Click here to view LightPage
Sarasota, Florida, United States
I play with word energy, sculpting bridges between the energetic and physical worlds, shifting wisdom seekers into personal freedom and inner peace. See,, and

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Hillary H. Click here to view LightPage
Ang Thong, Koh Samui 84140, Surat Thani, Thailand

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Gini c H. Click here to view LightPage
Sarasota, Florida, United States
I am the Chair of the Commission on the Status of Women-Sarasota County. Our mission is to Empower women through Education, Research and Advocacy. Please visit our website for more information about who we are, where we meet and what we stand for. We stand with Standing Women.Org for Peace!

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Sudaba S. Click here to view LightPage
Baku, C, Azerbaijan

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Jamila Mimi B. Click here to view LightPage
Kissimmee, Florida, Morocco
daughter , sister and mother and after all a women who care about life

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kelly f. Click here to view LightPage
hanksville, utah, United States
I am the founder of Reciprocal Science, the philoshophy, psychology and physics of unity, action and relationship. I've written three books, "Chocolate & Physics; a love story by me", "Elements of Existence" and it's companion book, "Life Design". At this time "Elements" and "Life Design" are only available through contact with me. One of my desires is to see these works published and available world-wide. Reciprocal Science is crucial to the great shift of meaning in the heart of the Human-we because it answers the question "How is life happening?". The answers flowing from this question naturally point out the new pathways of meaning available to us and the 'how tos' for intentional shifting of personal and collective focus. We will find our way, we will evolve together into the next great chapter of our continuing story. We'll do this together because that's what we're already doing. Freedom, peace and Mother Love are our new guides and signposts. Welcome, welcome,welcome.

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Carolyn A. Click here to view LightPage
Nevada City, California, United States
Like others in this network, I'm a member of the global "transition team," committed to building a better world by transforming consciousness to unity and love. I'm a co-founder and co-director of Global Family and a co-founder of Hummingbird Community in northern New Mexico. I'm also an entrepreneur and am currently producing the Women's Empowerment (WE) Channel on the internet and working with Nerium International as a Brand Partner. I co-authored The Co-Creator's Handbook, an experiential guide to discovering and fulfilling your life purpose.

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Carol P. Click here to view LightPage
Datil, New Mexico, United States
Datil New Mexico is a rural community. I am retired and live where I have space to see the sky, the Plains of San Augustin, God's beautiful world. I wish the best for all the women of the world and their families. Let us all work to save the world. I am old and will soon leave the world to my daughter who will be a STanding Woman, too.

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Bonnie K. Click here to view LightPage
LA QUINTA, California, United States
I like to think that we are "illuminating the circuitry" of ourselves-- as Light Beings. This is happening as we connect with individuals globally who are consciously attuned to cocreating the planeteary awakening. I can imagine living in a world of pure awareness where we naturally acknowledge the fact that we are ONE BODY OF HUMANITY. Please visit for more information.

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Francia G. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States

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Kristyne L. Click here to view LightPage
Lincoln Park, Michigan, United States

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Karen R. Click here to view LightPage
Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Ceci McDonnell LISW and Karen Rosenberg, LISW, experienced therapists and guides, are offering their women’s retreats for the 16th year. Joining Ceci and Karen will be Lisa Hernandez who lives on Isla Mujeres. Lisa is a guide of sacred sites in Mexico and a teacher of the ancient Maya and their culture. As a Yoga teacher, her devotion is to help women inhabit their bodies with loving-attention and respect, inviting us to respond intuitively to our body’s wisdom.

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Joya C. Click here to view LightPage
Sedona, Arizona, United States
Joya Comeaux, founder of the Family of Light World Peace Ministries (FOL), and author of AVE MARIA! Angels Sing a Journey to Remembrance. Hosting Women's Circles, AVE! Goddess Radio, Abundance Conferences, Global World Peace Media Summits, AVE! Movement, World Peace Productions, Live Broadcasts, online TV, magazine, and worldwide Women International Network.

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Deborah K. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
LOVE CONNECTING WITH OTHERS--AND OTHERS TO OTHERS! -Deborah Koppel Mitchell is a Circle Facilitator (over 15yrs.) and publisher of Spheres Circles Publications. She is now the Founder of The Conscious meme Network- "Shining a Light on What Elevates Our Lives & Spreading Ideas That Matter!" NOWpublishing -The FREE E-zine, "The Meme Messenger," which serves as a connecting tool which is a resource for Conscious Living. Deborah is a contributing author of the book, "From Inspiration to Realization: Real Women Reveal Proven Strategies For Person, Business, Financial, and Spiritual Fulfillment." AND "Conscious Choices: An Evolutionary Woman's Guide to Life." AND is author of the upcoming series, Notes from a Modern Day Pollyanna, and is creator of the “Pollyanna Power” series and product line she started developing in September of 2007. Deborah is available as a facilitator, for Consultations re. Circles & Personal Development, as a speaker and for interviews. Phone: 505-603-6411 E-mail Visit: -To receive Deborah's Meme Messenger E-zine sign up at: -Check out her "Pollyanna Power " Products at: -Her latest venture is as one of the Founders of CMN- The Conscious Meme Network- Shining A Light On What Elevates Our Lives! SEE: Visit the 1st project of CMN- The Virtual Book Circle Blog at: Drawing on more than 10 years of experience in marketing, public relations, and event promotion, Deborah's work continues to evolve as she creates more venues for connecting with the intention of benefiting ALL!

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Judith O. Click here to view LightPage
Bancroft, Ontario, Canada
I had a dance studio for many years and I have evolved from teaching dance steps to "dancing with spirit", hence the name of my company and the workshops that I facilitate. I am a Spiritual Mentor, Reiki Master and Channel. I activate and empower people to "feel" their Divine Essence and live their truth from within.

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James S. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States

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