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"The millionth circle" refers to the circle whose formation tips the scales and shifts planetary consciousness. The phrase comes from Jean Shinoda Bolen's book The Millionth Circle: How to Change Ourselves and The World, which in turn was inspired by "the hundredth monkey," the story that sustained anti-nuclear activists in the 1970-1980s to continue on when conventional wisdom said that nothing (certainly not ordinary people) could deter the nuclear arms race between the superpowers.

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Carolyn B. Click here to view LightPage
Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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Lavonne R. Click here to view LightPage
Long Beach, California, United States
I love to laugh, I will cry with you, I will show you unconditional love and support. I started studying Holistic Health for my own self care, after the loss of many loved ones including my spouse and mother. I have been walking down this path of self discovery and acceptance for the last 14 years. I am a Seeker, Listener and a Witness. During my journey I recognized a need among women to share, be supported, and be unconditionally accepted for who they are. Each Spring and Fall I plan and faciliate a retreat to areas like Sedona, AZ, Idyllwild and Mt.Shasta California wherever I am called. Each retreat is different depending on the women that are drawn to attend. It is my blessing to help women evolve to their greatest potential. Mostly we co-create a sacred space where each women can be there authentic selves and if they don't know what that is (as many of us don't) we explore our wildest inspiriation and what we aspire to be when we grow up. I always add in some self-care massages, Reiki or just a bubble bath what ever the womens mind, body and souls are open too. We share in ceremonies such as Drum Circles and Water Blessings. What draws me here is Women, I am in awe of them and all they can do and I love to hear each of her stories. I gather strength, wisdom and clarity. I am proud to walk forward hand in hand,shoulder to shoulder with my head held high down the yellowbrick road to OZ where all of our dreams come true!

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Mark B. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I am a holistic medical doctor in the area of wellness medicine, and a spiritual seeker. I have long desired to live & work at the intersection of health & spirituality. My interest areas are all aspects of natural health & healing, food as medicine, sustainable & responsible food production, human potential & spirituality, music, dance & art, outdoor activities & conservation. I welcome your contact..

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Christina B. Click here to view LightPage
Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States
I serve the Divinity, Humanity, and Earth through Iris Blooming, a Maryland-based and virtual community of women; through my relationships with family and friends; and through Vessels of Peace.

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Rose G. Click here to view LightPage
el prado, New Mexico, United States
I have lived in New Mexico, on land that lies between the Rio Grande River and the Sangre de Cristos Mts., since 1969. Being here, under a huge sky has given me many opportunities: to be in an dream group that has lasted for 18 yrs! to work in the arenas of death and dying and restorative justice and to learn from both the land and the people who inhabit it. I facilitate retreats and trainings in Compassionate Presence, Death and Dying, Being with Dreams and Drinking from the Well that Sustains Us (a retreat aimed at stress reduction) This is a very special time of working hard, exploring possibilities and loving the journey...

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Ann S. Click here to view LightPage
Naples, Florida, United States
Co-founder and co-director of Circle Connections, a global hub for circle work, play, co-creativity and dreams. I have been blessed to have worked for the past thirty years around the world with women in Circles. I have been culturally enriched and nurtured in the Divine Feminine. Co-designing leadership programs and resources and training of circle facilitators gives me the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment. To see women and girls step into their feminine power is a dream come true. I love being part of the international women's spirituality movement as well as locally. Working both with grassroots women and girl's empowerment as well as with high level officials brings an integrative approach for sustainable change. Circle Connections sponsors the UN Women's Circles and support a UN 5WCW. Rhonda Hull, Caroline Ravelo and I are working with many partners in bringing nurturing online and in-person events where everyone fully participates and receives ongoing support. Our Circle Connections newsletter edited by Rosjke Helledine from the UK has circle stories, tips, resources and events. We have many exciting new plans ready to be given birth this coming year. Visit our website, join as a member and come join us in co-creating a new earth, one circle, one connection, one step at a time. Namaste!!! Ann Smith

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Linda S. Click here to view LightPage
Brooklyn, New York, United States
I have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I love digital photos & try to just collect those I like for my own pleasure. I used work about 40 hrs a week as a reservationist for a transport company. I booked trips for the disabled, ill and elderly to their various destinations. My employment enabled me to truly connect with others on a soul to soul basis & was adaptable to my life. I loved this job because I felt I was truly contributing a positive energy to a part of the population that needed love & help the most. Due to my ongoing physical ailments, I now need to earn my total income from home. This is saddening, as I truly did love to help those I booked trips for. Now I spend most of my time networking online, trying to find legitimate work from home opportunities. THE INTERNET HAS FINALLY PROVIDED ME A WAY TO EARN MY INCOME FROM MY HOME. THERE ARE WAYS TO DO THIS & I HAVE FOUND SOME SITES THAT ARE FUN & EASY TO WORK WITH WHILE EARNING. Join me at any of them if you care to.

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Mary C. Click here to view LightPage
Hereford, Arizona, United States

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UNIVISIONS O. Click here to view LightPage
Hartselle, Alabama, United States

Hello and welcome, YOU are invited to visit and/or join UNIVISIONS SPIRIT CONNEXIONS, a caring place for sharing LOVE, LIGHT and INSPIRATION and fostering AWARENESS of our interconnected ONENESS with All that IS. WE are a portal of Universal Spiritual Networking from ALL cultures, beliefs, races and backgrounds - cultivating a SPIRIT OF LOVE and HARMONY seeing life as a UNIFIED, INTERCONNECTED WHOLE - our intentions are to honor and respect ALL LIFE universally while strengthening the BONDS that enable us to NURTURE, LOVE and SUPPORT each other. Dedicated to Awakening Consciousness, Spiritual Growth and Empowerment. Networking and Lightweaving to increase avenues of support and services, connecting Love-powered, heart-conscious individuals, groups, organizations and networks together for the benefit of all.

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Beth B. Click here to view LightPage
Rohnert Park (North SF Bay Region), California, United States
Beth Blevins is a core leader and Northbay regional coordinator for Gather the Women Global Matrix—an international, grassroots network of women and women’s organizations that share a belief that the time is now to activate the incredible power or women’s wisdom on a planetary scale. Beth is president of Project Solutions, a firm that provides technical and business writing, copy editing, and document processing to the hi-tech and biotech industries. In the community, she facilitates Hospice support groups and a Real Love group (which teaches principles for practicing unconditional love from the book Real Love by Greg Baer, MD). She meditates daily for world peace and is active in various circles and organizations working to create well-being and harmony on planet Earth. Beth follows a deeply spiritual path, which began as a clairvoyant child. Her life’s purpose is to be a connector of women and an agent for the return of the Sacred Feminine way. See her blog on the Sacred Feminine at

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Karen T. Click here to view LightPage
Venice,, California, United States

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maureen w. Click here to view LightPage
clovis, California, United States

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Janet T. Click here to view LightPage
Maldon, Vitoria, Australia
There is much to learn from many of the practises and arrangments between indigenious people of our earth. There are still pockets of tribal people with a continuem to the ancient ways. In Australia we have seen these people survive against the cruelest circumstances. It is a difficult journey with much separation and pain going over generations. The new Australian Government has now said SORRY, long time over due. Commonwealth Policies past and present have inflicted unreasonable and alien standards on cultures that Europeans knew just about, nothing about. Like so many other wonderful grandmothers at this time, I am concerned about the moral breakdown in our society. The lack of guidance through any inspirational governing body. I can see so much wisdom in women around me, oh yes, and some wonderful men too, Our beautiful abundant earth has begun to change, largely from the effects of human materialism, self obsession and greed. I don't know what will stop this uncontrolled addicted monster taking our planet to the brink Already other species for a long time have been disappearing now it is ourselves that is threatened. Yet the machine keeps pumping the spoils from her soils. Blessed human beings, here on this site we do not have the heart to ignore it . Let the western abundance be injected into those living in third world standards. Include Indigenious Australians many in remote communities, and see abundance not as $$$ but as time and focus and functional/respectful relationships, and human rights, and supported help directed to ensure self determination that brings about a freedom for a peaceful harmonious existance of those well loved people. . Is THAT possible? And lets have a Governing body of regretful politicians to extend a heartfelt appology that has no restrain in saying . . WE have been wrong, We ARE SO VERY SORRY, What can we do to make it up to you? . . .and you, and you, ..... and do Listen!! sea of hands waving!!!! Cheers starlight1 out

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Julie R. Click here to view LightPage
Idaho Falls (Western Region), Idaho, United States
Woman of the earth. Heart bursting with love for all things, unable to absorb the density of beauty we witness living on this, “garden island in space."(1) Convinced, " we will save what we love." (2) Full of faith that things can change if we simply change our minds, decide the corner office and a Mercedes isn't all it's cracked up to be, in fact it might just be a big fat lie. That simpler living means that human beings not political systems can figure out ways to feed everyone, since after all the cornucopia has plenty. Unable to comprehend how cutting down forests in football field sized swaths every second and oceans so filthy that swimming is unsafe for humanity much less capable of supporting life couldn't cry out for the dominating species of this planet to take responsibility for the burden of consumption it places on the rest of all that lives. Recognizing that the hand wrapped around a rifle or clenched in a fist could just as easily plant a tree, wipe away a tear or hold another’s hand. I love to hike, spend time out doors, watch the sun rise or set, walk along the sea, meditate, write, read, spend time with my dogs, and much more. 1. Bolen, Urgent Message from Mother 2. Walker, Alice

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Kellyna C. Click here to view LightPage
kapa'au, Hawaii, United States
Kellyna Kaleolani Campbell is an internationally known workshop leader and writer. Her first book, 9 Inner Jewels; Life-changing Meditations for Finding Your Soul’s Purpose is published in four different languages. She has completed her second manuscript titled, Prayer Book for Women; A Guide to Loving Relationships. She has worked with women over the years and has taught personal growth courses at Sonoma State University and Questa College in California. Her education includes UCSC (BS), Naropa Institute, International Breath Institute (CBF), California College of Physical Arts (CMT) and Colorado Cranial Institute (CCT). She has committed her life to her own personal growth through study and practice. Kellyna encourages people to look within themselves to discover their soul’s purpose. Contact information-

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Linaka J. Click here to view LightPage
San Antonio, Texas, United States
Linaka Joy has lived and worked in the central Texas area for almost 30 years. Her adventuresome nature has led her to travel to sacred sites and amazing places - from Alaska to Arizona, Mexico to Maui, and to the high Andes in Peru. Her eclectic approach encompasses wisdom from many sources - NLP from basics to evolutionary, Native American traditions, Q’ero / Andean cosmology, and the Huna teachings, among others. She has been blessed to feast alongside masters, guides, teachers and friends of many distinctive and delicious flavors. Linaka is always ready to discover and absorb whatever principles or processes bring the most J O Y !! Linaka has enjoyed serving as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, in many roles - assistant, coach, consultant, counselor, process designer and presenter - for over 20 years. She has played and worked with Bobbi and Tom Best of Best Resources and the Texas Institute of NLP and facilitated Visible Woman, an NLP based empowerment program. She is a certified Mediation Facilitator, and her current role as executrix of JoyTech, an enterprise focused on activating Joy in the world, keeps her focused on NLP explorations, writing, shamanic adventures and ceremony design. I love this quote from Native American tradition ..."A nation is not lost until the hearts of its women are on the ground." A large part of who I am and what I am here to offer the world is in answer to a very special call, one I heard on my first trip to Maui inside the Birth Canal as I was receiving a profoundly powerful taste of the Visible Woman program. Hearing the clear ringing out of this call to 'Bring the Women' and feeling that call resonate in my heart has continues to inspire many and varied forms of being of service - via one-on-one NLP counseling, coaching & consulting; ecstatic dance; ceremony design and various JoyTech or Visible Woman programs and retreats. We invite women to dance into sweet appreciation and Love for their bodies; blossom into their inherent skills, talents & strengths; awaken into their soul beauty; and to gain full access to each one's amazing resources. We invite all to play through nature and eco-travel adventures to Hawaii and other magical/mystical places around the planet. An oft-repeated catch phrase, which sums up the myriad of choices available, is "Total Yum!!!!" Please, feel free, and check out the variety of offerings, including the design of ceremony events for individuals, groups or communities to mark key transitions. Some of JoyTech's more popular offerings are Launch Your Dream ceremonies, house blessings, or Welcome to the Tribe rituals. You are invited. Come join us on the next adventure, perhaps in Texas or on Maui in Hana. Who knows ... the rainbows and waterfalls of Mother Maui may be calling you NOW! Contact Linaka Joy or JoyTech via ... OR get more information [after 9/09 launching] at

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Dianne S. Click here to view LightPage
Green Mountain, North Carolina, United States
I believe that connecting to Mother Earth is balancing for all people....especially women. My hope it to help women connect with the ancient feminine energies of Mother Earth. When we recover the Wildness of our inner self through the Wildness of Nature, I believe we touch into memories of who we truly are. The Wildness I speak of is the creative energy that lies within us as women. The Wildness that lies within us can sustain us and nurture us as we face our joys and fears. It gives birth to the expression of who we are and who we are becoming. My dream is for women to work together as sisters--mothers--daughters--healers and teachers, to overcome the physical and symbolic obstacles on our paths. Each challenge we encounter can become a stepping- stone on our way to reconnecting with our true and wondrous selves. I am honored to facilitate women's journeys to recover the Wilderness of their souls and the wonders of who they truly are. I am grateful.

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Stacey R. Click here to view LightPage
Vancouver, Washington, United States
In Love with Life, Committed to empowering Wisdom, One~ness and a Great*full Heart!

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Jean Shinoda B. Click here to view LightPage
Mill Valley, California, United States
Jean Shinoda Bolen, M. D. is a Jungian analyst, author and activist, clinical professor of psychiatry at UCSF and an internationally known lecturer and author of The Tao of Psychology, Goddesses in Everywoman, Gods in Everyman, Ring of Power, Crossing to Avalon, Close to the Bone,The Millionth Circle, Goddesses in Older Women, Crones Don't Whine and Urgent Message From Mother.. (

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rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr e. Click here to view LightPage
boise, Idaho, United States

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