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"The universe (is) a great spread-out net with at every joint a gem, and each gem not only reflecting all the others but itself reflected in all."
Myths To Live By - Joseph Campbell

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Resonance is an energetic or "vibrational" affinity that arises between people. It creates a dynamic bond and a sense of "oneness", a sense of harmony and mutual understanding. It can feel as though the energy of two or more people has fused together, into a single "resonant field". Resonance can take many forms and occur under many different circumstances. In the context of deep spirituality, resonance can be understood as the connecting link between the individual and the divine. The Global Resonance Network is exploring the phenomena of resonance as the basis of a transformative group spirituality, that brings out the best in every person involved, and enhances the experience of co-creativity and attunement. We believe that resonance is the key to building spiritual unity across the boundaries of diverse beliefs, and that through resonance on a large scale, a transformation of individuals and entire societies can occur.

We believe that there are individuals and organizations all over the world who are discovering the phenomena of resonance, often in their own unique ways, and understanding the concept in slightly different terms. Yet it seems to be true that people everywhere are awakening to the magic of this harmonic energy bond, and encouraging its growth and understanding.

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