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"Let us contemplate the one simple nature of that peaceful unity which joins all things to itself and to each other, preserving them in their distinctiveness and yet linking them together in a universal and unconfused alliance."

Pseudo-Dionysius, The Complete Works - John Farina, Editor-in-Chief
Many Voices / One Truth / Spirit of the World

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This project is beginning to unfold a variety of ways we can precisely understand or gracefully convene what our participants have in common and may want to do together.

We are supposing that we will eventually be able to include most everything known about spiritual practice, for individuals and for groups, and how these practices can be brought into the world in ways that could possibly be successful in secular or civic contexts (ie, in politics).

For right now, you are invited to explore the options shown in the right-hand menu -- the highlighted links. Just click one of those links, and quickly go through the options it presents.

We are supposing that as this project continues, we will end up with hundreds or thousands of these "quick little points", that people could consider in small clusters, maybe once a week or so, maybe spending five minutes...


This portal is a "convergent mediation space".

As a networking process, it builds gateways to individuals and groups in every direction, reaching out to them, speaking their language, receiving their input, and helping groups become coherent and resonant within their own boundaries.

Every individual and every group enters the portal under their own vision, through their own guidance, led by their own freedom.

This portal receives their input -- their declarations and affirmations and commitments -- and negotiates their unity as their individual free-will choices converge.

As entirely separate and distinct groups enter the mediation space with very different agendas, their unity too is compiled, and their linkage and commonality with all other independent groups in the process also emerges.

This process is consistent with and informed by many well-known principles and methods of mediation, group-process, and peace-making. It is consistent with and informed by the core teachings of every major world religion.

The entire space is an "open-door bottom-up convergence optimizer", converging every free-will choice and every connection towards universal oneness.

Through this process, we convene the world, in all its diversity, into a single framework of agreement.

A vast conversation . . .
We are envisioning a vast global conversation -- interconnecting everything, dealing with every issue, moving through millions of small local groups and discussions. Every subject of human concern is under consideration.
Everything is interconnected . . .
All these conversations can be and actually are interconnected. Through this Portal, we are exploring and unfolding ways that these millions of separate but interconnected conversations can converge towards a huge global agreement and shared understanding, of tremendous creative vitality and transformative power.
We are diverse . . .
It's not that we agree on the details and the particulars of issues. We are tremendously diverse, everyone is an individual, and we all see things very differently. It's that through this Portal process, we are working out something like the perfect way to relate to one another -- with respect, with listening, with co-creativity, with dialogue, with friendship -- with love.
We are listening . . .
As we enter these conversations, and begin to attune to the principles of dialogue and resonance, a common understanding emerges, on how we can best appreciate one another. As this understanding comes into form, the power of our collective unity accelerates.
We are free . . .
This Portal provides ways based on total personal freedom that individuals can enter into relationships, and make choices that gradually lead to the most powerful and deepest forms of connectivity. You can make any choice you wish, but as you make choices that open you to universal resonance and the infinite energy currents, you move closer to all those others who are also moving towards the infinite current.

In this way, rather than simply declaring our unity by fiat, and expecting all to honor it, our oneness is carefully built from the bottom up, from thousands or millions of small independent decisions and small private agreements, and our unity emerges from personal freedom and free-will choices. As we work towards the principles of resonance and dialogue, our conversations become more fruitful and more creative, and our universal human bond becomes more powerful. Everything accelerates...


We hear the call . . .

  • There is something going on with the emergence of new spirit and new community . . .
  • This mysterious something is very important . . .
  • I want to be part of it, I want to learn from it, I want to help shape and influence it, I want to bond with it . . .
Some of our methods . . .
  • Resonance
  • Dialogue
  • Democracy
  • Mutual respect
  • Listening
  • Circles
  • Spiritual practice
  • Co-creativity
  • Holistic/integral thinking
  • Community-building
  • Healing
  • Science
  • Love
Things we are doing . . .
  • Building coalitions
  • Peace-making
  • Teaching and instruction - offering training in selected areas
  • Defining group purpose - defining shared purpose - entraining motivation - building a movement
  • Developing connectivity and resonance around common values and interests
  • Amplifying connectivity, solidarity, and community
  • Sustainability - defending the Earth and the environment
  • Constructively considering the most complex and controversial social issues
  • Developing collaborative projects
  • Bringing universal spirituality into the secular world
Moving from . . .
  • Tribalism
  • Us against them
  • Parochialism
  • Local insularity
  • Spirit of blame and accusation
  • Small perspective, short time-frame, narrow range of inclusion
Moving toward . . .
  • Inclusive community
  • Respectful negotiation and dialogue
  • Universalism
  • Dissolving borders and respectful friendly differences
  • Spirit of listening and co-creation
  • Wide perspective, long time-frame, broad range of inclusion
Local/Global . . .
  • We are One: creating a spiritual bond of trust and understanding that extends across all categories and human differences
  • Globalization - bonding through the universal in the context of the local
  • Interconnectivity and interdependence of all things and all issues
  • Universal Human - Universal Spirit
Possible applications . . .
  • Support and inform and inspire the "Global Mind-Shift / New Paradigm" process, that is calling to millions of people around the world
  • Help global and local organizations coordinate their agendas, so they can work together in collaboration
  • Support the emergence of cordial relationships between religious and spiritual groups
  • Support and strengthen the Obama Administration's work at community development and transpartisan politics
  • Support international peace-making efforts, helping groups and organizations and entire nations define themselves and their mutual common ground with others
We are educated and informed by . . .
  • Emerging new spirituality
  • Interfaith
  • World mysticism and religious traditions from everywhere
  • Wisdom
  • Methods of dialogue
  • Group process - an array of methods
  • Holistic vision and techniques
  • Theory of democracy - the self-governance of groups - transpartisan politics
  • Cognitive science, epistemology, semantics, cybernetics/cyberspace

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"eHarmony for groups..."


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