As we come together, we are forming a pathway. We are all different, the pathway is different for each of us. Yet at the core, there is a deep common energy -- a shared intention -- a radiant intention...

Centering Prayer    More | Link | Focus
Centering prayer invites all on a spiritual path to sit in the silence, guided by your own principles of faith and understanding.
The objective of centering prayer is to be present to Presence.
To dwell in this state of Presence, chose a word as a symbol that expresses your intention to be with God. Gently introduce your word, supporting your consent to be in this Presence.
When you become aware of anything else (thoughts, feelings, sounds, sensations, etc.), simply, gently, return to the Presence with the use of your Word.
Circle    More | Link | FOCUS
Everyone gathers in an actual physical circle, perhaps in chairs, perhaps on the floor or on the ground, perhaps holding hands.
One person speaks at a time.
Everyone gets to speak who wishes to speak.
If appropriate or called for, an object, like a "talking stick", is passed around the circle. The person holding the talking stick has the floor and may speak, while others are silent.
Create a circle.
Consider it a sacred space.
One person speaks at a time.
Speak and listen from the heart.
Encourage and welcome diverse points of view.
Listen with discernment instead of judgment.
Share leadership and resources.
Decide together how decisions will be made.
Work toward consensus when possible.
When in doubt or need, pause and silently ask for guidance.
Decide together what is to be held in confidence.
Speak from your own experience and beliefs rather than speaking for others.
Open and close the circle by hearing each voice. (Check-ins and check-outs.)
Cocreativity    More | Link | Focus
We are all interconnected. No one of us knows it all, or can know it all.
It's ok to "not know". It's ok to be unsure or uncertain. Being open to uncertainty is being open to creativity.
Nobody has to "get it absolutely right the first time." We are all in this together, we will work on it together, we'll get it right.
Because we are all interconnected, we are involved in an evolutionary and collaborative creative process, that interconnects the ideas and insights of everyone in our range of experience.
Collective Resonance    More | Link | Focus
Dialogue    More | Link | Focus
Dialogue is "a conversation with a center, not sides."
Dialogue is about a shared inquiry, a way of thinking and reflecting together.
Dialogue is a form of conversation that can be meaningful to people from a large number of backgrounds - from every walk of life, from different cultures or traditions, political or psychological tendencies, or professions and levels of responsibility.
Dialogue deepens the glue that links people together.
Arrange seating in a circle, without tables or desks. This creates an open space and promotes listening.
Start with 5 to 10 minutes of silence.
Go around the circle to check in with each other. What brought you here? What do you need to say to be present?
When you are listening, suspend assumptions. What we assume is often invisible to us. Learn to recognize assumptions by noticing when you are surprised, upset, or annoyed by something someone else is saying.
Listen and speak without judgment. The purpose of dialogue is to come to an understanding of the other, not to determine whether she is good, bad, right, or wrong.
Suspend status. Everyone is an equal partner in the inquiry. There is no seniority or hierarchy. All are colleagues with a mutual quest for insight and clarity.
Each of us is an expert in our own lives, and that is what we bring to the dialogue process.
Listen for understanding, not agreement or belief. You do not have to agree with or believe anything that is said. Your job is listening for understanding, new ideas, and new ways to think about something.
Honor confidentiality.
Create a safe space for self-expression.
Prayer    More | Link | Focus
Resonant Semantics    More | Link | Focus
Language is composed of abstractions, with implicit meaning that can be very broad and uncertain. When the meaning of some abstraction is not entirely clear, do not simply presume to understand, or "project" meaning into the abstraction. Instead, request further information and detail.
Everyone has their own "private dictionary". Try not to impose your personal private meanings on statements from other people. Instead, look for the meanng they intend.
Let the meaning of words be illuminated by the principles of dialogue - let the meaning of a word converge to a common center and a common understanding, shared by you and the speaker.
Learn to be clearly objective. See and hear "what is actually there". Before "reading between the lines", or projecting meaning into something someone has said, make sure you have heard or read what they have actually said, and are doing your best to understand it.
The tendency to "project" meaning into the words spoken by someone else, as based on our own private dictionaries, is a great and dangerous cause of misunderstanding and anger in the world. Don't "see more than is actually there" -- which is a form of hallucination. Make it your objective to truly "see what is actually there."
Sacred Circle    More | Link | Focus
Circles begin with an invocation or blessing.
Circles end with a benediction or blessing.
The circle is conducted with a sense of reverence.
The circle invokes the principle of "Namaste" - "I honor the sacred in you; the sacred within me is One with the sacred in you."
Sacred Listening    More | Link | Focus
Shared Intention    More | Link | Focus
For many of us, our most precious and sacred intentions and objectives for our lives are similar, in profound ways. If we connect with one another around shared intent, our capacity to realize our objectives will be empowered and amplified. And the world will receive the benefit.
Virtual Circle    More | Link | Focus
Virtual Sacred Circle    More | Link | Focus
Walking the Spiritual Path (Ram Varma)    More | Link | FOCUS
Daily Oneness Meditations (towards Self-connection, Universe-connection and Source Connection). Including Self-observation practice.
Ongoing "Lift Your Spirit" Live groups facilitations.
Ongoing Authentic dialogues (at UCS, Global Resonance and UCS forums).
Detached Involvement/Let go (after doing my level best) practice in my day to day living.
Soul to Soul communications/relationships Awareness (i.e. Namastey) ... compassion, respect and consideration for all I interact with.
Divine Presence and Divine Trust Practice in all I do.
Present Moment Presence and constant Intrinsic Remembrance, "I am a spiritual being having human experiences". And rejecting every form of conditioning in the living of my life, keeping open always.
Ongoing Awareness that I am here to do, to learn, to share and to enjoy. And be not lost (i.e. keep afloat) in the worldly affairs.
Listening to my inner voice and doing things accordingly.
Selfless Service (with my unique talents).
Practice of a "Spiritual Strategist"; focusing on the "Truth" as Is.
Constantly contemplating and seeking the Infinite. And rejecting that which is finite and limited.
Frequent reminders to my vow of maintaining Non-violence/peace in my thoughts, my feelings, my words and my actions.
Being aware of the points of views of others. Acknowledging and respecting their freedom.
Remembering my "Purpose of Life" ... understanding, practicing and sharing the "Truth-Awareness-joyfulness" that we all are in our intrinsic natures. In the process, being that I am and being present with all that is.

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