As we come together, we are forming a pathway. We are all different, the pathway is different for each of us. Yet at the core, there is a deep common energy -- a shared intention -- a radiant intention...

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Daily Oneness Meditations (towards Self-connection, Universe-connection and Source Connection). Including Self-observation practice.
Ongoing "Lift Your Spirit" Live groups facilitations.
Ongoing Authentic dialogues (at UCS, Global Resonance and UCS forums).
Detached Involvement/Let go (after doing my level best) practice in my day to day living.
Soul to Soul communications/relationships Awareness (i.e. Namastey) ... compassion, respect and consideration for all I interact with.
Divine Presence and Divine Trust Practice in all I do.
Present Moment Presence and constant Intrinsic Remembrance, "I am a spiritual being having human experiences". And rejecting every form of conditioning in the living of my life, keeping open always.
Ongoing Awareness that I am here to do, to learn, to share and to enjoy. And be not lost (i.e. keep afloat) in the worldly affairs.
Listening to my inner voice and doing things accordingly.
Selfless Service (with my unique talents).
Practice of a "Spiritual Strategist"; focusing on the "Truth" as Is.
Constantly contemplating and seeking the Infinite. And rejecting that which is finite and limited.
Frequent reminders to my vow of maintaining Non-violence/peace in my thoughts, my feelings, my words and my actions.
Being aware of the points of views of others. Acknowledging and respecting their freedom.
Remembering my "Purpose of Life" ... understanding, practicing and sharing the "Truth-Awareness-joyfulness" that we all are in our intrinsic natures. In the process, being that I am and being present with all that is.


Personal Introduction

After spending approximatey 30 years in meditation, Self-empowerment, Sat Sang (spiritual understandings and associations)and live group facilitations in Canada, I have come to realize the following essence as the corner-stone of human living: Every human being is an element of God. And every human being has unlimited potential in him/her, but he/she is not aware of it because he/she is caught in the worldly illusions and has forgotten himself/herself and his/her original true nature. That's one strong reason for a person's sorrows, frustrations and sufferings. Just by remembering our intrinsic nature and BEING with the Supreme Spirit that resides in the individual spirit; in all our doings, we can free ourselves from such unnecessary pitfalls. And rise again to be the highest possible potential that is availabe to all of us.

'Being' simply means becoming one with that one that truly is--the Spirit-- part and parcel of the Supreme Spirit that sustains all. Such an ongoing experience of oneness is available to all of us in all walks of our lives. It is said that when the doer, the doing and the deed becomes one, it is an exultation and celebration of the spirit within. And this exalted experience further leads to oneness with the universe as this individual experience is a part and parcel of the universal orchestration. In our 50:50 partnership with this universal sustaining power (i.e of God), we just do our level best from our intrrinsic nature. And make an offering of our action to the Supreme to orchestrate it as it deems appropriate for the benefit of all. Till this "Let go" doesn't happen, union with the Supreme is merely an intellectual exercise.

Take time every day to experience oneness with yourself and with things you do. You can even start this experience by just focusing/observing your breath for a few minutes every day. Being consistent and patient in this simple practice has the potential to expand your spirit of joyous peaceful loving nature to all the year around in all the things you do. Any special holiday season is a reminder to all of us that we can make a tangible move towards the highest possible potential available to all of us. And waiting to be tapped.

I love people, nature and fun part of life. I enjoy being present in the moment. I like my freedom and fully respect others freedom. Life is beautiful. We discover its beauty as we perform our roles, we learn, we love, we enjoy and we share unconditionally what we have. We are an integral part of the Infinity. Let's recognize that connection and conduct ourselves accordingly. Let's recognize this absolute truth and work together towards this common purpose. As a part of sharing and ongoing development I also very actively participate in:

- Integral understanding and practices through ongoing developmental landscape that includes all the relevant streams such as: Oneness (Sahaj), Being (Sat), Awareness--Intellectual and Intuitive (chit), Feeling (Anand), Doing (Shakti/Energy), Mind, Life, Matter and Play (of Consciousness). This also embraces the conventional streams of Self, Love, Compassion, Cognition, Moral and Social....Ongoing effort in intellectually and intuitively understanding and cultivating these aspects is an ongoing process in the works.

- Global Resonance Spirit with the underlying essence of linking and resonating with all through That on which all is strung as a row of gems on a thread.

- I realize that I have a mind. It is a part of the Infinite Mind. I have an intellect. It is a part of the Infinite Intellect. I have the consciousness. It is a part of the Infinite Consciousness. Everything I have is a part of the "Infinite Everything". As such, all my thoughts, feelings and actions should be parts and parcels of the Infinite Energy that sustains the whole cosmos. And this all-pervading Energy is available to all at all times.

- There is tremendous power in truly understanding and practicing the wisdom of an important saying that to work alone, we are entitled, never to its fruits/outcomes. Neither let your motive be the reward of action, nor let you attachment be to non-action.To worry about and get deeply involved with the anxieties for the outcomes of our actions is to bypass the power of NOW. We don't need to worry about the future that is not born as yet. The future depends upon what we do now. And what we do, let's not be attached to its outcomes. Let it go. When our conscious (i.e soul/spirit prompted) actions are made an offering; in an awareness mode; to the Universl Enegry that sustains us all, we not only become free and peaceful; but also intrinsically connect with the Source from where we all came and to which we all return.

-Just know and feel God's presence in all you do, all you interact with ( animate and/or inanimate), in all you can ever imagine/or think of......... And you will spontaneously and effortlessly see your consciousness merging with the Universal Consciousness---an exalted experience of unity-consciousness/oneness. Bypass all that stands in between this divine merger; moreso small petty things that keep us grooved in reversals. You will then be in altogether a different universe compared to the world you are used to. And you will immediately begin to realize what great treasures of health, wealth, wisdom, joy, love, peace and freedom are already stored within you. Let this happen to you at a much deeper and finer cellular level!!

- Let's all give this NEW vibration a brand new beginning of life NOW and onwards in the living of our lives. We can easily notice ourselves that our lives have taken a turn on its own to give us a very personal experience of its inherent beautitude, fullness and universal connection. Let's all individually take a step forward........and help others do the same.

In most of the above mentioned contexts, I have authored two books:"This Splendid World of Yours" and " Be Still and Know..." For more information about these unique meditation, self-empowerment and integral spirituality books, please visit; if you like; my books blurbs and the relevant articles (Spiritual texts) given in this site.

May you "Just Be" that you are!!

"eHarmony for groups..."


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