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"As Mencius put it: 'The tendency of man's nature to good is like the tendency of water to flow downwards. There are none but have this tendency to good, just as all water flows downwards.'"
The Nature and Truth of the Great Religions - August Karl Reischauer

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1 7/12/13 Class Reunion 1957 - 1958 - 1959 plus Bill M.
Time is getting close for the September 27 and 28, 2013 reunion. We have tried very hard to reach alumni via e-mail, U.S. mail, Facebook, Classmates, phone, etc. Regrettably many have moved, changed e-mails, disconnect phones. I truly hope that this message reaches some that we haven't been able to locate and will contact me for information. Everyone is welcome from any other years. We' . . . [More]
2 11/20/09 Interspirit / Shared Purpose / Integral / USA.CAN Bruce S.

Dear Interspirit --

Greetings from Santa Barbara -- and welcome to the 10 or more new people who joined us over the last couple of months, and whose membership in this network I just now confirmed (if you are surprised to receive this email, you might not remember joining this group).

My reason for sending this message -- is mostly just to say hello, an . . . [More]

3 5/23/09 USA.CAN - Spiritual Activism and The Shift Bruce S.

 Dear Ron - dear Everybody --

Ron, my apologies for the delay  in posting your message -- for various reasons this network and some other are "moderated" -- the general intent being to keep the email load to a minimum.

Today, I am continuing to chip away on various aspects of this larger design, all of which seems to be coming into focus around some kind of "political . . . [More]

4 5/18/09 USA.CAN - Spiritual Activism and The Shift Ron R.

HI Bruce,

Great ideas here. I would also recommend contacts in Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious and Global Studies Depts. etc. as well as University Student organizations and government. However, I would also offer this caveat - that there are people in these Departments that are nominally "liberal" and "progressive" etc., but who don't support Obama for various reasons and . . . [More]

5 5/18/09 USA.CAN - Spiritual Activism and The Shift Bruce S.

Dear Interspirit --

Hello from Santa Barbara -- and thanks for being there.

I wanted to mention a new project that has been emerging for the past month or six weeks -- a new political action system that is generally intended to dovetail with the Obama administration and the emerging "Organizing for America" network project ("OFA") that is growing out of the big "MyBO" ([More]

6 5/6/09 Religious Tolerance Petition Michael D.
Greetings, I am new to the Interspirit Foundation and I am looking forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. Today I’d like to tell you about my petition to help end religious strife in the Middle East. I’m trying to get at least 10,000 signatures, then I’ll forward it to the PLO and the State of Israel. This is a great way to combine our voices in a meaningful and effective way . . . [More]
7 1/9/09 Network of Circles Bruce S.

Over the past several days, just letting my fingers do some typing -- I wrote a review of this "Portal to Unity" project, generally intended for the Kalliopeia Foundation, a funding organization with strong instincts for "oneness", and the sponsors of "The Global Oneness Project".

This Portal project -- is a very big idea -- and still fairly loose and fuzzy . . . [More]

8 1/3/09 Portal to Unity Bruce S.

9 12/31/08 Portal to Unity UNIVISIONS O.

Hi Bruce and everyone,

i just have to say i find this all soo exciting and this front page for our portal of unity is absolutely fantabulous and stunning! I expecially love the lead quote, it's so perfect and spot on! Let me know when you are far enough along to start 'rounding up the troops' and 'gathering the ground crew' and i will gladly start putting the word out...would be great i . . . [More]

10 12/30/08 Portal to Unity Bruce S.

Several new people have joined this network.  I hadn't noticed their application before I sent that last message, so I want to welcome everyone, particularly my new friends from iPeace.  Thanks for being here, thanks for the passion.

Also -- I want to post the "current front page" on the Portal to Unity.  This project is still forming itself, and its full defini . . . [More]

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