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The roots of unity-and-diversity lie deep in human nature and in human culture. It is new only in the clarity with which it begins of late to raise itself to consciousness, and in the insistency with which it seeks a fit expression and a fit habitation. Only now does it dare to voice its demands and raise its altar, and offer itself as a religion upon which a new human epoch, a new world culture at once unified and diversified, can be built.
Unity and Diversity World Fellowship - Rev. Leland Stewart

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Bruce S.

Santa Barbara, California,
United States 93121

LightPage networks I participate in
Additional information available Conscious Evolution - Santa Barbara
NAIN - North American Interfaith Network
Additional information available United Communities of Spirit
Additional information available GLOBAL RESONANCE NETWORK
Forum on Large-Scale Interfaith Networks
Shared Purpose System Group
Interfaith Center at the Presidio
MultiFaith Council of Northwest Ohio

A global movement has been emerging for 30 years or more. Perhaps this network can bring increasing cohesion and identity to this process.

My vision and beliefs:

Alliances and partnerships, new approaches to collaboration, building a unity of understanding across borders

Resonance, the power of circles, interfaith, unity of spirit


Global resonance is the most interesting idea in spirituality


Interspirit is a global network system that supports the activity of many groups working in interfaith and new spirituality. We are currently linked to about 30,000 people around the world.

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