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"Do what is right and just; that is more pleasing to the Lord than sacrifice." - NEB
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Linda S.

Brooklyn, New York,
United States

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I have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I love digital photos & try to just collect those I like for my own pleasure. I used work about 40 hrs a week as a reservationist for a transport company. I booked trips for the disabled, ill and elderly to their various destinations. My employment enabled me to truly connect with others on a soul to soul basis & was adaptable to my life. I loved this job because I felt I was truly contributing a positive energy to a part of the population that needed love & help the most. Due to my ongoing physical ailments, I now need to earn my total income from home. This is saddening, as I truly did love to help those I booked trips for. Now I spend most of my time networking online, trying to find legitimate work from home opportunities. THE INTERNET HAS FINALLY PROVIDED ME A WAY TO EARN MY INCOME FROM MY HOME. THERE ARE WAYS TO DO THIS & I HAVE FOUND SOME SITES THAT ARE FUN & EASY TO WORK WITH WHILE EARNING. Join me at any of them if you care to.

My Dream
To live in a cabin in the woods somewhere in a mountain area but near enough to a small town that I could walk or bike to it as I do not drive..

Internet marketing, Work from home opportunities, global spirituality, a new earth, grandchildren, indigo and crystal beings, angels, most things new age,

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