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"Minds that are peculiarly sensitive to relatedness, to qualities of wholeness in experience, gradually build up a conditioned aptness to recognize evidence of such possibilities more and more infallibly."
Creative Vision for Art and for Life - Richard Guggenheimer

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Hillary H. Click here to view LightPage
Ang Thong, Koh Samui 84140, Surat Thani, Thailand

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Bonnie K. Click here to view LightPage
LA QUINTA, California, United States
I like to think that we are "illuminating the circuitry" of ourselves-- as Light Beings. This is happening as we connect with individuals globally who are consciously attuned to cocreating the planeteary awakening. I can imagine living in a world of pure awareness where we naturally acknowledge the fact that we are ONE BODY OF HUMANITY. Please visit www.EvolutionaryWomen.org for more information.

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Mark B. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I am a holistic medical doctor in the area of wellness medicine, and a spiritual seeker. I have long desired to live & work at the intersection of health & spirituality. My interest areas are all aspects of natural health & healing, food as medicine, sustainable & responsible food production, human potential & spirituality, music, dance & art, outdoor activities & conservation. I welcome your contact..

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Nina C. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
As a relatively new member of the C.E. Community, and a serious introvert, I am seeking just that, a "community," not just of like-minded folks, but persons seeking to live in conscious,loving harmony with others. I know this will not be easy for me, for after being in company for a while, I want to run off to the dark seclusion of my cave. My "voice," up to now, has been through my writing and painting (I am in love with words and graphic images); now I want to learn to use my vocal cords and give sound to my words in the company of people who have the patience and loving respect to listen. I am a good listener and am interested in hearing all the diverse voices of my new community and bear witness to their souls' needs.

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Linda S. Click here to view LightPage
Brooklyn, New York, United States
I have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters and 1 grandson. I love digital photos & try to just collect those I like for my own pleasure. I used work about 40 hrs a week as a reservationist for a transport company. I booked trips for the disabled, ill and elderly to their various destinations. My employment enabled me to truly connect with others on a soul to soul basis & was adaptable to my life. I loved this job because I felt I was truly contributing a positive energy to a part of the population that needed love & help the most. Due to my ongoing physical ailments, I now need to earn my total income from home. This is saddening, as I truly did love to help those I booked trips for. Now I spend most of my time networking online, trying to find legitimate work from home opportunities. THE INTERNET HAS FINALLY PROVIDED ME A WAY TO EARN MY INCOME FROM MY HOME. THERE ARE WAYS TO DO THIS & I HAVE FOUND SOME SITES THAT ARE FUN & EASY TO WORK WITH WHILE EARNING. Join me at any of them if you care to.

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Meredith T. Click here to view LightPage
Acworth, New Hampshire, United States
I am a midwife and have assisted in the birth of more than 1000 babies; I know what wondrous things women can accomplish! Now I labor to assist in the birth of a new age and global spiritual community, and although the passage may be arduous and long, I believe good will prevail and a new and better world will be born. I am passionate about honoring and celebrating the Sacred Feminine and co-coordinated a program to do just that at the last Parliament of World Religions in Australia in 2009. This year at CSW, I hope to be play a part again in bringing women together to discuss and plan how we can best serve Her at the next Parliament in 2014.

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Sharon Riegie M. Click here to view LightPage
Mountlake Terrace, Washington, United States

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Jonathan S. Click here to view LightPage
Eugene, Oregon, United States
I am a soul who is gradually awakening moment by moment to the remembrance of who I am and why I am here on earth at this time... I am cultivating a relationship with the Divine spark of light within my heart and soul... I appreciate the childlike sense of wonder, awe and reverence for the Great Mystery and the beauty that is inside and all around us... I am a poetic mystic, a dreamer awakening within the dream, someone who believes in the power of imagination, and the importance of following one's intuitive guidance from within... I am a heart-centered person who likes communicating from the heart... I am here to discover and give of my gifts/talents and support and inspire others in discovering what they have to give as a contribution to the world... I am here to meet and connect with interesting creative inspiring imaginative people who are part of the global awakening and shift in consciousness happening all over the planet...

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Constance H. Click here to view LightPage
Huntington Beach, California, United States
it's time the soul takes the necessary steps forward, and i (little me) allows it to happen, instead of resisting the next step ... the soul wants out into the cosmic world of physical, and i'm no longer going to stand in its way!

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Ron R. Click here to view LightPage
Santa Barbara, California, United States
I'm currently a doctoral student at UCSB. My field is social brain neuroscience. I have been interested in the study of consciousness and the nexus between science and spirituality for a long time. I finished a doctoral program in Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), where I also taught courses in Embodied Mathematics and Cultural Consciousness and Cognition. I am very interested in social justice and blog for the Huffington Post, where I have also written about the hyper-individualistic interpretations of spiritual truths and traditions, which have distorted inter-group and inter-personal relations, and the quest for true equity and justice. I believe that spiritual practice is relational and have found an African proverb that best reflects this ethos for me: "We are, therefore, I am, and since I am, therefore we are."

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UNIVISIONS O. Click here to view LightPage
Hartselle, Alabama, United States

Hello and welcome, YOU are invited to visit and/or join UNIVISIONS SPIRIT CONNEXIONS, a caring place for sharing LOVE, LIGHT and INSPIRATION and fostering AWARENESS of our interconnected ONENESS with All that IS. WE are a portal of Universal Spiritual Networking from ALL cultures, beliefs, races and backgrounds - cultivating a SPIRIT OF LOVE and HARMONY seeing life as a UNIFIED, INTERCONNECTED WHOLE - our intentions are to honor and respect ALL LIFE universally while strengthening the BONDS that enable us to NURTURE, LOVE and SUPPORT each other. Dedicated to Awakening Consciousness, Spiritual Growth and Empowerment. Networking and Lightweaving to increase avenues of support and services, connecting Love-powered, heart-conscious individuals, groups, organizations and networks together for the benefit of all.

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SĀ“ace G. Click here to view LightPage
castricum, noord holland, Netherlands
in 2006 i became a bivid, a sortr of a new wor(l)d that catalyzes my personal meaning for the existence to guide my response to life; in the first week of januar 2007 this pivoted to the word bioVoid. Again the word bioVoid has no meaning however invites me to receive energy and get meaning from the messenger in order to understand what happened on the blank sheet. bio :: represents the sensoric realm / quantum / field V oid :: represents the telepathic realm / quantum / field "bio" aligns to the Father, understanding this as the Masculine Principle - the Yang Hemisphere / principle "oid" aligns to the Mother, understanding this as the Feminine Principle - the Yin Hemisphere / principle V aligns to the Child: "the Child First" said my friend Antonio these days ... Again, understanding this is famly life for the Childs need for a Dynamic Field in especially th first 4 years (0-3) of existence - when the child lives in the Family-Womb. To this THoughT is aligned the idea that Each Day / Week / Moon / Year / Leap / etc. Cycle has an End and a New Beginning, a Blank Sheet for Listening ...

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Joann K. Click here to view LightPage
Pennsylvania, United States

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