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From: Constance H.
Date: Saturday, March 8, 2008, 5:14 PM
Subject: Spiritual Unity Project
Reply to: 262557
ID: 260000

Hey Bruce and All the Lovely Ladies!

Just one minor correction, I'm from Huntington Beach, whoops! Meredith, I lived in Manchester, NH, between the years of 90-98, a little heaven. My daughters were born in Concord;-)

Any project that is working towards the greater good of all is a project I'm willing to be a part of. Letting you all know...I'm in!

Will just go with the flow and see where you might need help or to just offer my love and support.

Thank You Bruce and Jeanie, for everything that you do to keep us on the path of further connecting.


--- On Sat, Mar 8, 2008, in msg262557, Bruce Schuman wrote ---

Dear Julie, Constance, JoAnn, Meredith, Hillary, and Jeanie --

Just wanted to briefly say hello -- and mention this new project which is just beginning to take on some form.

  • Julie Heyman -- Santa Barbara/Ojai -- shamaness, priestess, organizer, member of Vessels of Peace
  • Constance Hall-Orman -- Newport Beach -- networker, organizer, developer "Love Radiance Intention"
  • JoAnn Kite - Pennsylvania - writer, visionary -- created the 11,000 quote spiritual library on Global Resonance Network
  • Meredith Tenney -- New Hampshire -- midwife, activist, organizer of Kenya collaborative
  • Hillary Hitt -- Koh Samui, Thailand -- healer, fasting practitioner, teacher and translator
  • Jeanie DeRousseau - Santa Barbara -- partner in LightPages, women's movement activist

    Here's the idea...

    What we are doing now

    JoAnn and I have been working for a couple of years, as she has built up this rather amazing library of quotes -- 11,000 quotations from 700 high-quality spiritual reference texts, many having to do with "Oneness" and the core issues of developing spiritual unity in a context of cultural diversity.

    This project is just beginning to quest into some new directions -- probably including the 914-page 4,000 scriptural passage book "World Scripture", which I put on the internet in the 1990s.

    What we are expecting to do -- is to combine the quote library with the content of World Scripture -- probably organizing it all in our integrated database system ("interspirit") that runs LightPages and many other projects. This is a profound beginning for explicitly defining what the world's spiritual traditions and religions have in common.

    One thing JoAnn and I are doing -- is beginning to develop a system of "questions" -- so that any questions we can think of can be addressed through these quotes -- and possibly through the World Scripture content.

    What we are thinking of doing

    As this project continues to take shape, Jeanie and I have been considering that perhaps we could or should form a framework for combining various forces and people working towards spiritual unity.

    There is a conference in India right now -- which brings together women and spirituality in some advanced ways; I believe the title is ""Making Way for the Feminine for the Benefit of the World Community". Today is "International Women's Day", and Jeanie is attending meetings in L.A.

    What we are thinking about is

    Creating a basic framework that could support the collaborative actions of groups that want to work towards what we are simply calling right now "World Spiritual Unity" -- or "World Spirit"

    The idea is

    Something like this concept is unfolding all over the world, and arising in the thoughts of many people and individuals. We are thinking that perhaps we could begin to convene a kind of collective/collaborative project -- that reaches out to groups working in these areas, and invites their participation and involvement -- in the emergence of a broadly inclusive networking project.

    This project would be coordinated through the Internet, probably on LightPages as a beginning. It could start off simply by continuing to unfold and express the assets and projects that we have presently available, while continuing to develop the World Scripture and Quotes projects.


    We could approach various groups that we admire or find interesting and say

    We think what you are doing is interesting and important. We would like to work with you, if possible. We are building a project that we believe is consistent with your overall intentions, and we would like to help you if we can.

    We can offer you

  • a variety of networking tools
  • a collaborative framework for building unity
  • ways to establish clearly what we have in common
  • links to other groups and organizations working in your area, and related areas
  • an emerging body of central ideas, towards which you are invited to contribute

    We can invite these individuals and groups to consider how they might wish to become involved. What would they like to do? What is their dream, their gift? What do they want to bring to the table? How can our network support and organizing tools help facilitate your involvement?

  • Jeanie and I talked about this this morning, and she suggested that I contact you today. This idea is very much in formation -- but the fundamentals are already in place and growing. Karen Latvala, from Vessels of Peace, is at the India conference, as are leaders from Gather the Women.

    We can be pretty sure that the core of this project is actually going to grow and continue. LightPages continues to develop and expand. We are continually adding more groups and individual members, and we continue to add new features, new capacities, and new projects. We certainly do need a multi-dimensional approach that extends beyond the internet -- but we are off to a good start, we are well-connected, and the project seems exciting.

    Just wanted to float this idea past you today, on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Thanks for all you do.

    With appreciation,


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