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"Deliverance is to be sought within. Our powers lie there, enticed forth by circumstances arising all about us. Life is the Teacher." James S. Perkins, 'The Rhythmic Return to Equilibrium'
Karma, The Universal Law of Harmony - Virginia Hanson and Rosemarie Stewart, editors

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The Spirit of the World project is emerging as a vision of collaborative resonant spirituality.

Some of us have been involved for years in projects that involve identifying the common ground shared among the religious and spiritual traditions of the world, or have been working to gather references and insights pertaining to the universal principles of spirit. In our "Quotes and References" section, we have gathered up more than 11,000 quotations, taken from 750+ classical reference texts, on subjects pertaining to "Oneness" or "Circle" or "Center", or many other related topics.

See http://interspirit.net/spirit for one link to this material.

And years ago, we put the entire 914-page text of "World Scripture" on the Internet, which you can review at


Today, we are beginning to compile this information, into a single "resonant" framework -- which we believe could provide a kind of highly refined and indisputably authentic spiritual guidance, for an emerging global culture that is seeking to establish itself on the eternal principles of Spirit, but which cannot become "parochial", or "slanted" towards any one cultural or historical tradition.

One idea that has been emerging -- is that it might be possible to convene a kind of "network of resonant angels" -- who might work with this material -- helping gather and organize and interpret it -- in ways that could be linked over the internet as a source of guidance and insight for a world hungry for authenticity and grace.

Could we conceive a kind of "resonant oracle" -- based on everything known about spirit, and mediated through a sweet and compassionate personal resonance and grace? Perhaps it will become possible for the eternal and simple truths of spirit to guide the world into its own highest destiny, as informed by everything known about spirit, and mediated and assisted through kindness and a caring human touch...

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